Big Cat Diary

Big Cat Diary

The Spotted Sphinx


A mother Cheetah with tiny and fluffy cubs ...


An elegant tiptoe.


If she had been a Masai bride looking back before departing, she might well be another spectacular rock in the Hell's Gate area!


A lesson in purposeful strutting.


A pointed look or a plea? "Please go away and let me hunt in peace!"


Make way while the sun shines.


"Ugh-growl, why do I have try so hard to keep my 'mini me' foursome together?!"


The portrait of a lady.


"Oh, there you are! Two down, two to go!"


Scanning the evening horizon for potential food ...


"Curiosity is our birthright! Why should we NOT follow you?"


I wish it was as easy for other moms to become this lean and fit that quickly!


Baby-sitting blues ...


A catwalk on the savannah ramp!


Decisions, decisions! This way or that?


Home alone.


She had come about 5 km thusfar in the neverending quest for food. More importantly, she had left her cubs behind while at work!


Ah, the trials of a working mum!


Crouching low and determined.


Three steps forward, two steps back!


Not spotted much so far. Pun unintended. Just one of those disappointing days.


The Spotted Sphinx.


Lithe and graceful, a cheetah on the move is the most beautiful sight in the world for me!


Just before bidding adieu to her and savannah lane ...

Lions and Lionesses


First encounter with a lion at the Mara.


Lion on the lookout for its mate.


The lion's mate.


The scent of a female ...


A lion's roar.


Lioness near a buffalo she had hunted the night before.


Lioness after mating.


Lion after mating.

The Hunt


The lionesses identify their target.


This lioness watches the topi they seem to have agreed upon.


The other lioness waits ...


Silent lionspeak!


Relay in the savannah.


Tracking the topi.


"Now, your turn!"


Crouching lion, hidden topi!


Lioness on the prowl.


And, gotcha!


Strangling the topi.


"Hey, wait for me!"


The fruits of teamwork.


Time to call the rest of the pride.


Still holding tight.


Just making sure ...


Time to let go.


Waiting for the rest of the pride.


"You go ahead and nibble ..."


"Where is everyone?!"


"What's taking them so long?"


"I guess I'll just start without them."


All paws aboard!


Time to dig in.


"I don't have much of an appetite after all!"


"You kids have fun!"


"Looks like we have company - the scavengers are here already!"


Lion feeding frenzy in the savannah.


That's all folks!