• Cheetah in a Savannah - Canvas

(Based on big cat photos from the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.)

  • Hedgehog Seahorse in a Coral Reef - Tile

  • Leopard, Pair of Hoopoes, Ostrich - Stained Glass

(This set of stained glass was inspired by Alexander McCall Smith's "No.1 Ladies Detective Agency" series covers.)

  • Turtle - Canvas

  • Red Fox Star Gazing on Grassy Knoll - Canvas

  • Turtle Surfacing on a Sunny Day - Canvas



  • Green Sea Turtle - Jewelry Box (with cork lining)

  • School of Fish Collection - Plates, Bowls

May Your Ladle RIP - Ladle Rests

  • Coiled Pythons - Mug

  • Verreaux's Sifaka Sitting on a Book - Sculpture





  • Tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park

  • Himalayan Griffon vulture at Corbett National Park